Video Marketing

Are you interested in promoting your business in a simple but unique way? Do you have an idea you would like to see animated?
Do you have a complicated idea you need help communicating?
Then a whiteboard video would be perfect for you!

Please watch the video!

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Other Services Services & products we offer

  • Web Design

    We are a full service digital marketing agency. We consistently deliver outstanding results for our clients - and our philosophy 'digital brand engagement' permeates everything we do. This is what we do best. Taking your brand, and translating it into a coherent online experience. That means listening to your requirements and understanding your company. Our formula is simple; We combine consultative strategy, exceptionally creative ideas and innovative technology solutions to deliver measurable results for our clients. Our end goal is to ensure our client’s brand engages with their customers, and builds a sustainable meaningful relationship.

  • Content Management Systems

    There are many benefits to using a good CMS platform. A Content Management System is a tool for giving you control over the content of your own website, so you are able to manage parts of your website to meet the demands of your customers without having to keep paying someone to make changes to it. You may already know which platform you are looking to implement, or you may require consultancy to determine the best way forward. Either way, from initial consultancy and planning, through to ongoing support and maintenance, Pixxels outstanding team of developers will deliver an exceptional solution to engage your audience.

  • Ecommerce

    If you want sell online, you need to be able to guarantee your customers that their credit-card details are safe. We can put you in the position to make that guarantee. Our eCommerce system is fast, easy to use, and, above all, secure. Our e-Commerce solutions deliver to clients a wealth of features including full content and product management, discounts and promotions, user reviews, fulfilment management, secure payment processing and integration with other systems. We have a diverse number of options available to us due to our extensive partner network, and can deliver an e-Commerce solution that best fits your business.

Our Process

Your website's main goal is to engage with users, so why leave them out of the process?
Our UX services will keep your users at the heart of every step of the process - from research to design to evaluation - to ensure their needs are being met. Because if your users needs aren't met, your business's certainly aren't. A site that really works fulfills your strategic objectives while meeting the needs of your users. The best designs starts with user experience research. From usability tests and depth interviews, to focus groups and workshops, to phone interviews and online research. user insight is the foundation of all our work, but great user experience doesn’t just happen. Information must be structured and labelled intuitively. Our services make it easy for your users to find what they need, whilst your business goals are also met.
Good usability is invisible. Good interface design creates an experience. Our user centred design process, along with our expertise, ensures your end product is highly usable, thoroughly tested and visually desirable. We focus on the detail of the user interface to make sure each drop down menu, each image, and every checkbox absolutely needs to be there. We ensure the layout is free from clutter, focused on the user goal and flows intuitively. Once we have worked on each page we create a working prototype to demonstrate to clients. But more importantly the prototypes allow us to test them with users and refine the designs until we are confident they work well.
With over 10 years of web development experience, we know what it takes to create brilliantly functional websites and web applications (RIA's). We use the most tried and tested modern web development technologies. These include PHP5, MySQL, Javascript, JQuery, Ajax and many more. Our clearly written code is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) friendly, optimized for getting the top results in the search engines and comply to modern web design requirements. Our websites are responsive and compatible with all current browsers, including Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9 Firefox 3.5+, Opera 10+, Google Chrome and Safari 4+.
Web based applications need intensive testing, as the applications will always function as a multi-user system with bandwidth limitations. Some of the testing we do: Integration testing, Stress testing, Scalablity testing, load testing, resolution testing and cross-browser compatibility testing. Both automated testing and manual testing should be done without fail.